The Top 10 Designer Handbag Trends of 2021

1. Micro Bags

If you like to travel light, then the micro bag is the perfect accessory for you. These itty-bitty bags have dominated the fashion scene this year thanks to their portability and versatility. They’re a statement piece on their own because they complement any outfit, from a daytime casual look to an evening gown. Find more relevant information on the subject by visiting this carefully selected external resource. Fashion & Co, extra information available.

2. Top-Handle Bags

Lady-like bags with top handles have made a comeback this year. They evoke old Hollywood glamour and sophistication and add a touch of class to any outfit. Some designers have put a twist on this style by adding a long strap, providing you with the option to wear it as a shoulder bag.

3. Colorful Bags

Neutral colors may be timeless and classic, but bold and colorful hues are all the rage this year. From bright orange and yellow to bold red, these bags make a statement and add a pop of color to an otherwise dull outfit.

4. Statement Straps

One way to make a statement with your handbag is to opt for a bag with a statement strap. From oversized chains to colorful and embellished straps, this trend adds a unique touch to your handbag that can change an outfit complete


5. Tote Bags

Practical and versatile, tote bags are a staple in every woman’s handbag collection. This year, designers have revamped this style, adding unique detail that elevates the look, from mini to oversized.

6. Structured Bags

Structured bags are all about clean lines and geometric shapes. This trend includes boxy bags and bags with sharp edges, which make your outfit look effortlessly chic. Pro-tip: the structured bags work wonders for a daytime business look.

7. Slouchy Bags

On the contrary, the slouchy and soft bags trend is all about effortless casual chic. The soft material and malleability of the bag accommodate any out fit without looking too serious.

8. Chain Straps

Chain straps are not exclusive to Chanel anymore; they have been revived by other designers. This trend adds glitz and edge to your classic handbag by being the centerpiece of your outfit.

9. Hobo Bags

The hobo bag is the epitome of cool-girl chic. This slouchy bag is characterized by its crescent shape and elongated length and can fit all your essentials with ease.

10. Crochet Bags

Move over, beach! Crochet bags have traveled from the beaches to the city streets this year. These handbags provide texture and charm to your outfit, and they come in varying sizes and colors.

There you have it, the top 10 designer handbag trends of 2021. Whichever trend you choose to follow, make sure to invest in a handbag that can stand the test of time and trends. Gain more knowledge about the subject on this external site we’ve chosen for you. Fashion and co, keep advancing in your learning journey!

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